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11th Anniversary Season of Operatic Fundraising Performances at 51 Walden

Fledermaus - 3 performances - June 9, 10, and 11, 2017

Buy tickets online here, or call 978-369-7911

The familiar waltz melodies, elegant ballroom costumes, swirling dancers, and comic storyline of Johann Strauss' Fledermaus are coming to Concord in June 2017 in the 11th Opera51 production benefitting the 51 Walden performing arts facility.  Presented in English using The Metropolitan Opera Version of Johann Strauss' Fledermaus in a fully costumed and staged performance with orchestra, this production is sure to delight and amuse Opera51's growing audience of arts and music lovers.

Program Booklet    O51 Fledermaus Program Web.pdf

Learn About Fledermaus

The operetta, premiered in Vienna in 1874, is currently the eleventh most-often performed opera worldwide, a favorite in opera houses around the globe since its debut.  (Opera performance statistics: )

Plot Synopsis - the essential story.

Program Notes - about Strauss and Fledermaus

Musical Themes - the major melodies abstracted.

YouTube:  Hear the Fledermaus overture played by Bavarian State Orchestra - you probably will recognize much of this!


Cast and Company

Fledermaus Cast List

Production and Company Roles

Tickets and Information

Performances are June 9 and 10 at 8 PM, and June 11 at 2 PM. 

Tickets can be ordered on line here or by calling 51 Walden at 978-369-7911.

A Fundraiser for 51 Walden

The performance is a benefit fundraiser to support operation of the 51 Walden facility.  Proceeds contribute valuable funds to the maintenance and operation of 51 Walden, a community resource supporting hundreds of local residents each week throughout the year.

A gala in support of the production was held the evening of Saturday April 29th at the Barn at Punkatasset Farm in Concord, raising significant funds to help defray costs of production and providing a good time for all who attended.

Donations to support 51 Walden can be made directly here, or by sending a check payable to "51 Walden" to P O Box 251, Concord, MA 01742.  51 Walden is a 501(c)3 organization.